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We are currently looking for business consultants and board associates. Students from all years and disciplines at Hult International Business School are welcome to apply. Additionally, applicants should have a passion for problem-solving and clientele relations. 


Working with us benefits you in several ways. By joining us, you will get practical hands-on consulting experience by working for clients before you even enter the consulting industry. Moreover, you will become part of one of Europe's greatest consulting networks, allowing yourself the opportunity to network with students from around the globe, as well as big firms, including Deloitte and EY. Lastly, you will not just receive training from HSC, but also from our Knowledge Partners, that consist of experienced consultants.


Join us in helping you kickstart your consulting career! 

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​Available Positions 

International Manager

HSC JE aims to provide high-quality consulting services and innovative solutions and interacts with various corporate and academic figures, startups, and SMEs. The responsibilities of the International Manager are mainly to focus on the needs of the JE network and act as the representative for HSC JE in the Junior Enterprise Europe Network. The tasks that will be expected of the international manager range from attending JE conferences, mentoring other new and upcoming JEs, monthly meetings with the secretary general of JE Europe, keeping an open line of communication between HSC JE and JE Network, and relaying JE tasks to HSC.

Marketing Director

We are looking for a Marketing Director who'll lead all our marketing activities from social media and digital campaigns to  advertising and creative projects, as well as guide the communication activities of the  enterprise, ensuring the quality of it. The Board of directors will also depend on you in many  decision-making processes, such as developing plans to help establish our brand, allocating  resources to different projects, and setting short-term and long-term department goals based  on market analysis. You will run our Marketing department in ways that promote higher  profitability and competitiveness. 

Business Consultant

We are seeking an ambitious and enthusiastic student who is eager to become an HSC Consultant and work on the growth of HSC as a Junior Enterprise. The candidate we are looking for will perform consistently to generate a remarkable impact on clients' improvement through high-quality projects, on network's enlargement through results delivered and on organisational growth through dedication.

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