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Our Application Process

We recruit students who are passionate about what we do. This is important to the work we deliver to our clients. The details of each selection stage will be explained, highlighting some skills we are looking for. 

3 step Application

1. Round

Online Application
Once you've decided on the role you'd like to apply to, apply online via our application portal. During your online application, we will check your Right-to-Work status. Additionally, understand the qualities needed for your selected business area and prepare for how this will create value for our business and our clients.

2. Round


Once you pass our online assessments, you will be invited to a primary interview with our Talent Acquisition team. Here, you'll be asked a series of questions for us to better our understanding of your interest in the role you're applying for. You can prepare in advance by preparing your STAR Technique for certain questions that we may ask.

3. Round

Final Board Interview

The ultimate stage of our recruitment process is a final interview with an executive board member. Here, you will be asked questions on certain qualities we may want to clarify. Similar to your interview, you can equip yourself in advance by thinking of your STAR responses to certain questions we may ask and preparing questions for the board.

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